Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ode to Toast

A piece of white bread
all toasted and warm
A slight layer of butter
will do you no harm.

A sprinkle of cinnamon
with sugar to taste
Can warm your heart
and slow down the days

Oh Cinnamon Toast
what you do to me
I haven't seen you in months
and you are a real treat

So easy to make
so easy to eat
Cinnamon toast just can't be beat.


Mommy said...

Crap - Now I want toast when I get home!! AHHH..that sounds SOOOOO GOOD. I already ate my after school snack - and I'm STILL hungry!

Unknown said...

Okay, that almost sounds as desperate as the post about me shaving my legs. Obsess much?! lol

Erica said...

Oh chocolate chip cookie so high on the shelf, hiding inside of the jar, I'm not tall enough to reach you myself, so near and yet so very far!

emily said...

See... not my fault. Must be genetic :)

rebekca said...

Did anyone else picture Emily and a huge toast running towards one another, arms wide open- in slow motion?

And why am I hearing Air Supply's "Since I Found You"?

rebekca said...

oops.. it's called "Even the Nights Are Better"

but, I'm sure it's Emily's whole day.

Jessica said...

Ummm...I got nothin'

Anonymous said...

I like to really slather the butter on. If some is unmelted when I add the mountain of cinnamon suger, all the better. The mark of a truly fine cinnamon toast binge for me is if I bite into it and see a good 1/8 inch of sugar/butter slurry sitting atop the toast.

I'm taking the night off exercise wise cuz I feel like I'm fighting a cold -- now I might have to hit up some toast to fortify my frail constitution.

thanks for the inspirational verses!

Anonymous said...

even better - cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory. turmeric is too, but nobody eats turmeric toast.