Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Goldie Locks Has Invaded

... do you know an exterminator?

In the last 10 days, overheard at our house:
"That milk is too full, I can't drink it"
"That pizza is too long"
"That pizza is too big"
"That pizza is too small"
"This cookie doesn't have enough chocolate"
"I don't like green beans that are peas"
"I want pink Dora yogurt"
"Not that kind of pink Dora Yogurt"
"I want a bagel"
"Not a little bagel, a bigger bagel"
"That milk is old"
"That brush hurts"
"That brush doesn't work"
"That hairband makes it tangly"
"I want a hairband not a pony"
"I want a bath with bery hot water"
"That is too hot"
"That is too much cold"

But here is the kicker... the one that did. me. in.

"That is too wet"

It is SOUP, it is supposed to be wet. You asked for soup. I showed you cans of soup, you picked the can you wanted. You helped me "stir", you helped fill your bowl. You decided how much of what items you had (no chicken, lots of noodles, lots of carrotts, no celery, some broth).

How can a three year old make me so crazy?

And how can one crazy big gigantic hug at the end of the day just completely turn me to putty... from that same three year old?


Mommy said...

I think they call that "being a Mom"....We've got YEARS of craziness ahead of us...or so I'm told!

Anonymous said...

I agree, soup is TOO wet. I think Aubrey is on to something. Don't stifle it!

Olivia's favorite thing to say at dinner echoes me as a youngster: "What are we having that I don't like?"

oh, instant karma...

InTheFastLane said...

"this shirt has a tag!"
"the socks are crooked"
(the youngest)

"why do you always make me do things that I hate?"
"I don't want to shower. There is no hot water"
(the middle)

"can't you take the dog out everyonce in a while?"
"do have have to go too?"
"can't I stay home by myself?"
(the oldest)

Jessica said...

Ah, the joys...I always get "What are we having for dinner?" and if it's anything other than pizza, cheese-hamburgers, or green beans--"I don't like that"

rebekca said...

I realize that standing in YOUR shoes, you're probably pulling your hair out.

But, from a reader's's really quite funny! ;-)

Amy W said...

Yea, and they only get crazier as 4 year olds..

anne watson said...

Does Claire live in your house?

She told me this morning "Mommy the door is too stuck" (the back door was locked and she couldn't open it)

Jenny said...

SOunds all too familiar.

We have re-named the "naughty chair" the "WHINING chair".

"I don't want to hear it, tell the chair. Come back to me when the chair has all the whines..."