Friday, January 18, 2008

15 Hours

That is how long I haven't had internet... seriously I was having the shakes. What was I going to do about Blog365, what about all the blogs I needed to read and keep up with? What about new comments coming in to validate my existence?

But I talked to Josh at Comcast this morning. He was as patient as could be as he was walking me through stuff and 2 little girls decided that THAT was the intstant they both needed to sit ON me and talk to me about how ribbons should be tied or about what sounds a lamb makes.

So later I will be posting video of our snow man and playing in the snow. The girls are having a GREAT time so far!

Oh, I started that new knitting project 11 times and had to rip it out because on the 3rd row (so cast on, knit the first row with 3 different types of stiches and move to next row which would be 3rd) kept doubling in size -magically.

Hubby made it to see the "boys" and they got "fresh powder" and are excited for some fun skiing today, some snow mobiling tomorrow. Let's pray he stays in one piece :) The last adventure trip with these guys Hubby broke his tail bone...


Sunshine said...

I'm thinking it's probably a real good thing you have two little girls who don't tag along with daddy!

Mommy said...

Broken tailbones are NOTHING...
All he has to do is sit on a donut pillow...or maybe that 81 lb bean bag chair!! he he he
How much snow did you get?

Kelly said...

15 hours?? I don't know what I'd do with myself. Glad it is back.

I'm sure the boys will be fine. I think.

Rollingthunder said...

Broken tailbone nuttin? IT SUCKED!

The boys returned in one piece, amazingly.