Monday, January 28, 2008

Music Help

Good Monday Morning! I hope all are feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed this fine winter morning.

I had the first of 7 birthday celebrations yesterday and it was a blast. Doug, the kids, and I skipped the gym and headed to the Baltimore Aquairum yesterday morning, than to ESPN for lunch, and then right to the birthday celebration at my folks. We had a total blast.

My parents got me Guitar Hero III for Wii! I am so excited to bust that out tonight :)

But what does any of that have to do with the Post Title "Music Help"... well I will tell you now, geez so bossy.

I have been thinking for a while that I want to put together a playlist for my iPod related to total 80's Pop music (you know, like Jesse's Girl, Mickey...). My sister got me an iTunes gift card for my birthday so that is just the catalyst I needed to get moving on my new playlist.

So what do YOU think should be on it? And I am opened minded enough to include the 90's if needed. Thoughts? Input? Suggestions?? PLEASE!

Oh, and if you are wondering... my birthday isn't for like another 9 days. But we do a once a month family dinner with EVERYONE and celebrate all major milestones then. And we do Jan and Feb at the end of Jan because of holiday overload and Super Bowl conflicts. So usually it is the first Sunday of every month... about 20 of us... very fun. And probably way more information than you were ever intersted in knowing. But I like to share.


Boy George Karma Chameleon
Dexy's Midnight Runner's - Come On Eileen.
Tears for Fears - Sowing the Seeds
Anything Pat Benetar!!!!!
INXS - Need you Tonight
Hello! PRINCE!!!!! Can't go wrong with Prince - at least in my
Hall and Oates. (Early 90's)
C & C Music Factory.
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Chris DeBurg (sp?) - Lady in Red
I realize this is more like bighair band but it was still a classic to
me: Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, J. Geils (Centerfold, Freezeframe),
Georgia Satellites.
Modern English - Melt with you.
Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy! (Actually that was
early 90's wasn't it?!)
Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Vacation by the Go-Go's.

Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles.

Shout by Tears for Fears. Stand by REM.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!.

And early Madonna!!!


Unknown said...

OMG, you are leaving me license to fill up your comment box. I will just email you a list!! haha

Erica said...

Dang, someone had their coffee this morning! Don't forget Boy George!

emily said...

Coffee? I had coffee? How could you tell? What gave it away? Huh, huh, huh?

Mommy said...

Yes, too much coffee....
Let me check my ipod list and I'll let you know....
I was big into hairbands, so maybe my music won't be to your liking!

Erica said...

Cindy Lauper!

Kelly said...

Vacation by the Go-Go's. Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles. Shout by Tears for Fears. Stand by REM. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!. And early Madonna!!! How fun.

rebekca said...

Dude. I thought that song went

come-a, come-a, come-a, come-a, come-a chameleon. I mean, the next line is you come and go, right?

I'm embarassed for all the times I sang it loud and proud.

Mommy said...

HA...Becky - you are SO not alone in that one!! I only know the words because I used to own the record. (How old am I?)

InTheFastLane said...

I was going to say cindy lauper too, but some one took it. Lucky for you, I am not very good at the music thing.

rebekca said...

I got one.

Jessie's Girl.

really. where can you find a woman like that?

Unknown said...

I think you need to Whip It! Whip it Good!

Unknown said...

You didn't leave the sexy line in there for Right Said Fred!! hahaha

Jessica said...

I had to look and see if my hubby had left the 'Prince' comment. I was coming by to say Madonna, and am happy to see she's already on the list!

Rollingthunder said...

-Blister in the SUN baby!
-Any song from Sixteen Candles, St. Elmos fire, breakfast club