Friday, January 4, 2008

Wii Have News

So after Christmas I was reading all the blogs and everyone was talking about how much FUN the Wii was - and these were adult women. I decided I needed one. Then I went to Amazon and Ebay and saw they were like 400 bucks and I was like "No freaking way". I came into work on the 2nd and was telling this story and a lady I work with said, "those are the reseller prices, the retail price isn't that high". Huh.

So then my cube mate comes in and starts telling me about his holiday (I asked). And his mother wanted a Wii and he told her it was hard to get them so his mother told his dad she wanted one so she ended up with 2 Wii's under the tree and I said, "I will buy the extra"... before he finished the sentence.

And this is how we got a Wii. Doug and I split the cost with our "allowance". Last night after the pandimonium and injuries were all addressed. We (ie Doug), set the thing up. I played tennis. Very cool. Doug boxed. I boxed and freaking KICKED, well you know. First opponent I won by decision in all 3 rounds, Second Oponent KO in the 3rd round (near the end) and Third Oponent KO 3 seconds into the 3rd round.

Maybe I have some anger issues I need to address? Either way it is part of my new workout routine because MAN we worked up a sweat. Major fun.

But the other box that came last night was 81 lbs and doesn't fit in our house... more on that later!


Mommy said...

Can I come over and try it out!!!?!??!?!? That sounds GREAT!

Jessica said...

an 81 lb box? How can you leave us hanging like that?

anne watson said...

81 pounds? Geez. Did you buy a 8 year old? :)

I am so jealous of your Wii!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

I'm so jealous.

Come on!! Tell us about the 81lb box. Is it a real baby dolphin?? You have got to tell us...the blogs are my only entertainment and link to adult while I'm in the middle of potty boot camp.

Scott Sieper said...

That is funny since I was just on a Wii website that tracks in stock shipments:
I am happy that you got the Wii from a co-worker at a good deal. I myself can not play a huge markup as well. The best price I could find was $399 for an instock Wii. I guess I am simply going to have to wait.

rebekca said...

You get serious mail. Seriously.

Sunshine said...

We got Wii and I'm hoping to ground the boys as much as possible so I can keep playing Guitar Hero.