Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1/4th is Bigger Than The Whole

So I am sorry for the delay and I promise that this story will NOT live up to the hype.

On 12/20 My Darling Husband sent me an IM, the conversation when something like this:

Him: Hey, check out this link

Me: OK, what is it

Him: Just Check it out, it is 1/4th the price and free shipping.

Me: Just get it then, if you think we can use it.

Him: Seriously?

Me: Whatever

Understand that the 20th was the day of my work Christmas Party, the last day of work before my vacation started AND I had a number of big conference calls AND they annouced that our Sales Manager's last day was that day.

I don't believe I actually looked at the link that day.

I did look at it over the weekend and was like, OK that looks cool but I hope it isn't really that big.

It is really that big. We did get it for a quarter of the price. We did get free shipping. And ever day for a solid week I heard this from my husband, "I bet there is a HUGE box on our front porch when we pull up". And every day there was NOT said huge box. Doug called the company twice and they said it was on its way and it was.

And it doesn't fit in the room that it was intended for. It is currently in another room not being used.

A bean bag chair made of memory foam

So I am sorry I got you guys all excited about my lame story... and I am sorry that a seperate but related story from a year ago got mixed in when I commented on Becky's Love of Popcorn.


Rollingthunder said...

Ah, the actual dialogue:

Him: Hey, check out this link

Me: OK, what is it

Him: Just Check it out, it is 1/4th the price and free shipping.


Him: Seriously?

Me: Definitely, that is awesome!

Mommy said...

Doug - you are funny.
And Em, you're right...the story didn't live up to the hype. I hope its at least comfy!

Unknown said...

Yeah, but I bet the girls think it is as awesome as Daddy does! It is cool - I could live in a beanbag world where moving the furniture was easier by a long shot!

Jessica said...

Do NOT, under any circumstances, send Ethan the link to that chair. Otherwise he will buy 2 of them and then I will bring them to your house and you will have 3 of them :)

Rollingthunder said...

The girls LOVE this thing. It is like a mountain, and they also love being tossed into it.

Sadly, this beanbag is freekin heavy, and not easy to move though....

Kelly said...

An 81 lb bean bag chair?? I think bean bag chairs are supposed to weigh, um, about as much as air does.

rebekca said...

Remember when y'all bought a bean bag chair. that weighed like 81 pounds. and didn't fit where it was supposed to go. and you couldn't move it without risking a hernia. and then you got a booo! from your blogging friends.

love that story.

anne watson said...

That looks so comfy!