Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We went to our friends house New Years Day Morning for a couple of hours to play Cranium and let the kids play until nap time. We had a BLAST. But their bird found me especially appealing and spent a lot of the day on my shoulder and down my shirt - it is male bird with an apparent fondness for breasts.
Me and Luigi
Getting ready to PLAY and EAT!
Oh, did I forget to mention DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION?
My birthday is in a month if anyone wants to get that for me...


Unknown said...

Luigi - gotta love the Italians! go figure he is FRESH! Dance Revolution huh!? I haven't tried that one yet. Afraid I will trip on my own sock!

rebekca said...

LOVE Cranium.

LOVE Luigi.

Dance Revolution is scaring me, but you go on with your bad self :)