Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Tomorrow: is Thursday, which will mark the end of the chaos at work.

Feeling: a tad overwhelmed with work, disappointed that I haven't worked out in more than 2 weeks.

Happy because: I have a healthy happy family and because there are new opportunities available ALL AROUND (more on that later)

Today I: will be productive all day at work and not LOSE IT!

Laundry: Is done and put away!

Something I know: My husband is an amazing husband, loving father, and smarter than he knows!

Currently reading: NOTHING! I have a stack of 9 books waiting for me

Wanting: to work from home one day this week and so far it doesn't look like it will happen.

Favorite gadget: My new work laptop... or it will be when I have time to get it setup the way I want!

Thankful that: I am strong enough to handle what comes my way, whatever it is!

Wondering why: Aubrey HAS to wear dresses/skirts that twirl.

Thanks Jen! Feel free to copy and's going around.

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Anonymous said...

yes, work has got me down as well. I'm going to buy a bunch of those "f@#!k work" stickers and start handing them out!