Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me. All Over The Place

I am a winner! I am so excited. I have won a cookbook from Pensieve and some MyFruitRollUps from Amy. The fruit roll ups will be here in time for Valentine's Day and I have put an appointment my hubby's calendar to remember to take them to school so Aubrey has something to share - while I am out of town for work :(

PLUS I have a new T-shirt that says "knit happens" in pink crystals, so freaking gorgeous! If you want your own customized gorgeous shirt, click on the link or the new button and mention my name :) And if you haven't checked out Sunshine's Blog... DO IT. She is a blogging celebrity. I don't make this stuff up.

AND while I am not a rock star I was able to hit 84% of the notes in Slow Ride AND have a 50 note streak in Guitar Hero. Yeah baby. But dude, (it is required I start saying that more because of the game), that game is HARD. My hand hurts and I can only do like (required to say like more too) 2 songs in a row before my hubby like gets to like play, dude.

So some things that have been seen and heard in my world:
  • For all my lady friends, please check out this book and review.
  • Be weary of silly putty, who knew?
  • Have you seen York Mints in your grocery store? I have, they are addicitive. LOVE them.
  • Also, that song Bubbly by Colby Caillat made me by the CD> love it.
  • Have you checked out the Bloggy Giveaways?
  • And that is all she wrote cause she can't remember the long list of stuff that started the idea for the post.

But dude, I like totally like Wii. And the web. And my family. DUDE, I love my family. Even if they are all CRAZY.


Jenny said...

That was all over the place! I love it! Congrats on the winnings and I think the last sentence totally sounds (reads) like an acceptance speech.

"I'd like to thank the Wii, the web, my FAMILY, the word 'dude'....."

And I was out of town when you blogged about the giant chair. that has me totally cracking up. I'd have had minor heart failure if Jason ordered that because we don't have any rooms in our house that we are NOT using where it can live.
Lucky Max, I'd say he is wearing the pants. Proudly.

Sunshine said...

Two linky lovins. DUDE! Need a pic of you wearing the shirt, while knitting, and, uh, playing Wii.

Mommy said...

Dude - I think you got your, like, craziness from the fam. Dude. And I have ALWAYS disliked silly putty - it smells wierd.

Jessica said...

dude. seriously. like how much caffeine have you had today?

Unknown said...

lmao at Jessica's comment. My request is that you play GH while I sing karaoke style along with you!!! Glad that you are having fun though!

rebekca said...


Like what? I heard fruit roll up. and knit. and dude. and guitar hero. and silly putty. and mints.

And then it was like, "I love you, man!"

And I'd like to give you the HYPERlink award. Because that post had like 20.

And the 'hyper' has a pun intended.

rebekca said...

even my cow looks excited after that...

Amy W said...

I am really, really going to have to get Guitar Hero...and I want Dance, Dance Revolution...

Thanks for the shout out! And I love Sunshine, she has done many, many shirts for me!

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Dude! lol. I'm off to check out Sunshine's wares :)

Rollingthunder said...

Guitar Hero is now my life ambition. I want to play Three Kings on expert (look it up on Youtube).