Thursday, January 3, 2008

Random Exciting Stuff and I Pose a Question

Random Exciting Stuff and I pose a Question:

Aubrey had requested a Dolphin for Christmas. A real live large dolphin. Santa brought her a 1.5 inch plastic realistic looking dolphin. Christmas afternoon, "Aubrey, how was Christmas". She replied, "well, I really just wanted a bigger dolphin". Today on the front porch when we got home was a large box with a return address of the North Pole and in the box was a LARGE stuffed dolphin and a NOTE!

The note detailed that when the elves were cleaning out the sleigh they found this dolphin with Aubrey's name on it. "in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas night, I must have overlooked it". Aubrey is VERY excited about her new dolphin. We called Nanny and G-Taw to tell them all about it - and they "acted" very surprised.

It would be interesting to note here that when I told my father about this he said to me, "that little girl could use a little disappointment". Uh huh.

Chotty is now alive. In fact she is giving Aubrey Bunny Boo Boo PJ's that Aubrey can wear "forever". Her mommy is dead in heaven and the bad men took Kalli.

We got a Wii. We haven't opened yet because we got home, opened the dolphin, made dinner, Doug took his first bite of dinner and chipped a back tooth. Then it was bath time where Molly slammed her head and has a WHOPPER of a knob on her head. Then Doug got a call from a lady whose computer he fixed over the weekend, it crashed.

I sat in traffic for 2 hours this morning.

At work today everyone was in a very bad mood... VERY.BAD.MOOD. And the mood was EVERYWHERE. So bad in fact that a co-worker sent this email to a bunch of us:

FYI -- It’s confirmed, the cosmos is cranky. Given the fun had by all today, I had to check out the current astrological events. Seems Mars has moved into position opposite Pluto:

This is a most volatile energy, one that I am going to strongly suggest you be most careful during its influence (12/31 to 1/5 at least). Mars and Pluto are both known to be quite problematic under certain astrological circumstances and this is certainly one of them. Be extremely careful in all your communications and avoid making agreements during this time if possible. Many will be feeling edgy, irritable and reactive during this time. It is most important to not take on more than you can handle now so as to not feel rushed or pushed into meeting deadlines or making appointments. The best way to handle these potent and potentially difficult energies is to slow down, don’t say anything rash or likely to create conflict, stay grounded and just wait it out. It may go without saying that during the influence of this energy, there could be something going on in the news that is explosive and/or violent in nature.

And Now for the BEST PART of the Post:

Let's say 2 parents were playing CandyLand with their daughter for the first time. Say that said daughter isn't really following the rules and not focusing and not paying attention and not playing by the rules. Let's say Parent 1 offers daughter a piece of candy if she WINS the next game. Let's say Parent 2 says that this is inappropriate and we should not have to bribe the daughter to play a game and that if she wants to play she can sit and play by the rules. Then because candy has been offered, Parent 2 amends the statement and says something to the affect of, if the child plays by the rules on her turn she can have one pez. And Parent 1 says, NO, if she wins she gets one pez. Then daughter cries. So parent 2 takes candy out of pez dispenser, gives it to daughter and then takes daughter to the big reading chair to read and play with a sticker book and brush hair and put on lip gloss.

Now one of the parents suggest I post this for input. Here is the question.

Parent 1 says a competitive spirit should be taught now. Parent 2 says that playing and learning should be what is taught and what is important.

If a reward were going to be given to a 3 year old- Should it be for WINNING or for PLAYING by the rules and engaging in the activity.

If you are of the opinion that you should not have to bribe your child to play a game I understand but that is a seperate discussion and is being addressed seperately.

PS I no longer have love for Google Docs and posting to the Blog...


Unknown said...

Honestly, I think that competitveness will come - it doesn't have to be taught. If she wants something bad enough it will come through. I think 1 pez for one good (paid attn) move in a situation where she seems to have no interest is fine. But to get a pez for no interest kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? You might as well give her one for just being. Why do you no longer like Google docs and blog?

Kelly said...

Pez for playing by the rules. That is what these kids are learning right now--not to win, but to know the rules of the game.

Where did you get your Wii??

Jessica said...

I need blog to answer your blog :-) Do comments have a limit?

1. Your dad cracks me up!! I could not help but laugh at his remark, but seeing as how this coming from the woman who has helped Santa buy a bone for a stuffed dog two years in a row now, I clearly I have no room to talk.

2. Weirdness on the tooth chipping...Ethan chipped one a couple of days ago (just in time to hit the fresh new insurance deductible)

3. Send this in response to the bad day:

The Centers for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically.

Fortunately, this virus does not affect most older persons.

This virus is called Weary Overload Recreational Killer (WORK). If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your colleagues, or anyone else via any means whatsoever - DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely.

If you should come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises. Take two good friends to the nearest grocery store and purchase one or both of the antidotes - Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE) and Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.

You should immediately forward this medical alert to five friends. If you do not have five friends, you have already been infected and WORK is controlling your life.

4. I'm having a hard time picturing Doug with a hairbrush and lip gloss ;-)

5. At this age, I think playing by the rules and good sportsmanship is more important than winning. It may come across as mean/harsh, but kids are so 'naive' at this age, that letting them make their own rules at what should be a fun game can easily get confused into making their own rules on something important.

Hope my comments didn't cut off :-)

rebekca said...

Chotty is alive! yay!

I'm not gonna get in the mix of the whole controversy of whether the child should get rewarded for following rules or winning.

Because my husband is a coach. And he plays to win.

And I firmly believe that you should encourage the effort, not the end product.

But, like I said. I won't get in the middle of all of this nonsense.

Erica said...

I'm with you parent 2! "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game." :)

Erica said...

PS Love the video and um, Nanny and G-Taw WERE at the aquarium Sunday...

Mommy said...

Wow...I think her competitive spirit will kick in (its inherited, right? he he) but at this point its about learning the rules...not who wins. And did Doug REALLY put on lipgloss??
Aren't grandparents GREAT?!?!

And YEAH...Chotty is back!!
And Jess- you are very funny...

emily said...

I asked Em to post this question. As an athelete, I was not quite sure how I got my competitive instinct, or at what age.

Some interesting responses. One thing everyone seems to agree agrees rewarding if (and only if) you play by the rules.

Thanks! The Wii rocks!