Saturday, January 19, 2008

So Much Fun

So the girls and I have been home "snowed in" for 2 days and having a BLAST! As part of Doug's surprise boys weekend... I booked some painters to come paint the family room that has had "spots" of the color we were checking for MONTHS! YAY, almost done. Of course they didn't finish it yesterday so are coming back this morning - which means we will miss swim lessons. But it it is sooooooo worth it.

so randomness:
  • as I was unloading the dishwasher I was trying to decide what to post and my head was making me dizzy with all the bouncing around.
  • is very cool. I have Started my reading lists and my need to read lists - check it out.
  • we have such a great support system with our families and it makes all the difference in the world... it really does take a village.
  • Someone from canada left a message yesterday, I went to her blog - which is awesome, and there was a link to a blog from a family in Baltimore, and that was awesome too!
  • I am way to lazy/busy/discombobulated to put links in my randomness
  • Aubrey just ran down the stairs doing a LOUD "sniffing" noise with her nose saying "I smell somebin"
  • When Pillsbury cinnamon buns says 25% less fat what they mean is 50% less icing.
  • Molly is still sleeping which is totally CRAZY
  • I had other bullets but Aubrey's sniffing totally threw me off.

And I have to say again, we are having a great time. No fights at meals, no tantrums, just fun and snuggling and sillness.


InTheFastLane said...

Yeah for pleasant Saturdays. Can i come to your house?

Sunshine said...

Aside from Festivus (maybe), we aren't going anywhere all weekend and I'm very excited about it! It's the best.

I just sent you a GoodReads invite, I thought we were already sharing for some reason!

I'm rereading Harry Potter 6, then reading 7 and so I've been neglecting my family for 2 days solid.

rebekca said...

No fights, no tantrums. THAT IS PARADISE.

And someone needs to remind Doug of how AWESOME YOU ARE for sending him away on a guy thing.

After I get into nursing school, I'm all about scheduling a girl get-a-way. Anyone?

rebekca said...

And I'm thinking Vegas

Jessica said...

I love Vegas.

emily said...

I like Vegas. I like Girls Get A Ways. Totally In :)

Rollingthunder said...

I thanked my wonderful awesome wife every day I was away, and I would most definitely promote a girls trip.