Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Flashback

I have been trying all week to be inspired for the Poetry thing this month but I just can not find the rhythm and the rhyme and summon the energy to really go for it.

Maybe because work has sucked the life out of me this week. Or because I didn't get to see my family very much this week. Or because my hubby is leaving today for his Christmas Present trip skiing up north. Or because laundry is stacked all over the house. Or because my "procedure" last month does not appear to have taken care of the "issues" I was having and that just pisses me off.

BUT maybe I will just do every Thursday a Flashback Thursday and quit my whining, because as most of you know, "Mommy doesn't speak Whinese. When you are ready to speak English please come back".

So here is a pictures of my parents on my wedding day - in the limo on the way there!


Mommy said...

I remember that limo ride - it was FUN!

And I really think you have to worlds cutest parents...SERIOUSLY

Jessica said...

That was a fun day...and ditto to Lydia's comment about the cutest parents :-)

You can call and scream "IT'S SNOWING" if it will cheer you up. Preferable a little after 10 so I can get out of a sucky meeting ;-)

rebekca said...

I like the Thursday flashback. Is it really snowing over there???

And by the way, I'm quite fluent in mommy whinese.

Unknown said...

Great picture. They look so content and happy! I wish all that for you too!